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Cuminus Oil
NGN 3,510.00

Cuminus Oil


This is a powerful oil containing just 10ml that can get solution to these issue below: Constipation Boost immune system A powerful natural moisturizer for the skin Promotes wound healing Reduces inflammation and relieves pain Fights fungus in...

D3 Organic
NGN 5,000.00

D3 Organic


D3 Organic pack with 60 capsules is a quality supplement that can help with the following attributes: Super immune booster Detoxifies/ cleanses toxic wastes Stem cell replicator Antioxidants Ocimum sancta Malaria/typhoid, piles and asthma Ant...

NGN 6,500.00



De-Diafix is an extra-ordinary product containing 60 capsules to help and heal from Diabetes and prediabetes Rejuvenate the pancreas Boosts the production of insulin Helps in the treatment of hypoglycemia Deals with sugar problem Curcuma longa...

Nature's Gift
NGN 7,500.01

Nature's Gift


This is an excellent product containing 60 capsules, Nature's gift is for the relieve of; Cardiovascular problems Regulates blood pressure For high blood pressure Improves blood circulation Can help treat stroke and partial paralysis &...

NGN 6,000.00



Nurisher is a product with 60 capsules, it will provide solution for: Impotence Sperm boost Weak erection Quick ejaculation Hormonan Imbalance Pre and post menopausal disorder Fertility Improves sperm motility and sperm morphology Combined ...

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